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Wisdom through experience sums it up pretty nicely!

There is one primary difference between an expert and a novice. The expert has already made and learned from the same mistakes the novice is about to make.

After being involved in sound for over 30 years it’s fun to look at an ever changing audio industry and know that it’s the same products rewrapped for a “newer” market. Regardless of the brand or how new it seems, the fact is you have to move air to make sound.

Likewise we have not made that much progress in transportation over thousands of years. We are still riding around in boxes with wheels. We look better and it’s more comfortable but the basic mode hasn’t changed at all.

The same is true with sound systems. We do have better products to work with. But it still comes down to a speaker system projecting sound over an audience. Nothing else in the entire system controls how that sound is radiated except the speaker system. Its the purpose of the microphones, equalizers, mixer, and the rest of the stuff to get the sound TO the speaker system to be radiated!

Yet, salespeople and buyers alike, are focused on the “best brand”, the latest web article, the cutting edge technology, the cheapest price, etc. instead of the most important point of all – “Will this sound system design cover the entire audience with highly intelligible speech?” Who cares if this amplifier has .01% harmonic distortion verses another one with .05% distortion or is Soundcraft better than Allen-Heath. That has nothing to do with the coverage pattern of the radiated sound.

You can own the most sophisticated car on the planet, you can read the laundry list of technical reasons why it’s superior to every other car, hear the salesman brag about it, you can imagine how fine you will look sitting in it, but if it’s sitting on square tires you aren’t going to get very far. It’s back to the basics.

I’ll get a call about a relatively new installation where the customer complains it’s not any better than the old sound system and wonder if I’ll have a look at it.

I cannot tell you the number of times where the equipment is great, it’s all JBL, Crown, Shure, etc., but the sound is terrible. Why? How can that be? Simple. The basics were completely overlooked, ignored, or were never known to start with. The focus was on name brands and price – NOT performance! Every single time the problem is the wrong speaker system design for the space and application. Every time. And I can see it the instant I walk in the door. I don’t have to turn the system on to figure out the cause of the problems the church is having. Why? Because I’m the “old sound guy”.

If you haven't read the book "Outliers", get it. Its a good read on how long it took various well known successful people to master their craft - over 10,000 hours! 10,000 hours of working at the same thing, determined to perfect their life's work, craft, music, or painting.

Sound is a blend of art and technology. It takes years to master it.

I am a musician, a certified electronics tech, trained in acoustics and sound engineering, have mixed live sound for anything from a simple talent show, drama, praise and worship, to a 50 piece orchestra and under all sorts of acoustic conditions. I have the ears, technical expertise, and years of experience.

Contact me, lets do the Articulation Coverage Test©, let me mix sound for a service, event, practice, and I'll prove I can get the sound you want.