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The assumption is you're happy with the system you have but want to get the most out of it by tuning, tweaking, and maybe adding more features.   • Written proposal
• Optional live demonstration
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  of Fayetteville, NC

I have seen so many systems with the right idea but lacking in the finishing touches that makes a HUGE difference in sound quality!

Too many "sound contractors" with good intentions dont really know much more than how to install stuff. Well, theres FAR more to it than just wiring stuff up assuming you got the right parts and pieces to start with.

A friend was demonstrating his church sound system to me and within 5 seconds I heard a problem in the sound quality of the CD. I moved one wire and he was stunned at the amazing sound. He said it never sounded like that.

This sort of thing is what I run into all the time. I'm willing to bet I can have your existing system sounding better than it ever has. Maybe all you need is a tweak here, a wire moved here, a minor part added here that would make a remarkable difference. Sound tech classes make a huge difference too. Contact me and lets see!

It all starts with a FREE on site estimate. Contact us today!

Tuning The Village Chapel in Pinehurst, NC