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Ideal for smaller facilities on tight budgets but need and want excellent sound. Acoustically designed for maximum speech and vocal clarity. Optional modules for extended sub bass. System is configured at our shop, delivered, and we help you get started. We tune and test the system on completion. You save on installation costs but not on quality!   • Written proposal
• Optional live demonstration
FREE quote within 100 miles
  of Fayetteville, NC

We must know the target
  budget figure you have in
  mind before a design is quoted

First, we start with the acoustics of your space, the seating layout, how you plan to use your system, the features you want, and the target budget you have in mind. Then we design a system to fit your objectives that you can install. We do all of the preliminary wiring we can, label equipment where things go, deliver it, and get you started. We tune and check everything out when you're done. Or we can install it for an additional fee. This is ideal for those that have average technical skills that want the opportunity to tackle a project like this and save money at the same time.

Installing a small system is easy for anyone with average carpentry or mechanical skills. The secret to great sound is in the design. We design it, you install it.

It all starts with a FREE on site estimate. Contact us today!

Wiring is coded along with diagrams that make it a breeze to plug and play. We fine tune and check the system when you're done.