Problem – Live music / praise / worship choir sounds like a mass roar

There are many possible problems or combinations of problems

The speaker system design is wrong - the number 1 most common problem
The sound tech can’t mix sound - the number 2 most common problem
The sound tech can’t balance the house and monitor mixes
The sound tech is located in a poor place to mix - the number 3 most common problem
The musicians don’t know how to work together – they all want to be the star
The musicians “over play” – drummers are notorious for this – everything in the drum kit needs to be hit at least 6,000 times during the song!
Musicians that over play create excess noise on the stage
Vocalists don’t know how to use microphones
Vocalists don’t know how to mix themselves in the monitors
There is too much reverb and / or slap back in the room filling the room with noise
The choir needs to work on diction – singing clearly
Choir members need to show up for practice not just Sunday mornings
The same thing applies to the sound tech and musicians
The live music is too loud to start with overrunning the mix
The live music is not balanced with the sound system off
Guitar / keyboard amplifiers should be tilted up toward the musician and used as monitors. Let the sound system and sound tech mix for the audience.
Guitar / keyboard amplifiers are facing the audience and should be facing away from the audience
Monitors / stage noise is bleeding into the choir mics

Solution – fix everything in this list. Contact me. It’ll go faster. But here’s a few things you can try right now.



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