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Prospect United Methodist is typical of the many, MANY video projection systems we have installed.

This system allows 4 sources of video to be projected on any one of the screens or any combination. Typically the congregation sees one image on the front two screens and the choir sees the same or different image on the rear two screens. Most of the time all four screens are showing the same image. But during specials the congregation my be watching a DVD image of a production element while the choir can see the words of that song.

There are connections at the pulpit, music directors location, and in the video booth to connect a PC or IPAD/IPHONE/IPOD device. The operator can source any PC / I-Device, sanctuary pan / tilt camera system, DVD player, or picture within picture to any screen or combination of screens giving Prospect UMC maximum flexibility in presenting video media.

The video processor, matrix switcher, and projectors can be controlled over wifi from any Iphone type device.

There are remote screens in other areas of the building fed from this system also.

The screens are permanent tension - not roll downs.

The audio is feed from the mixing console to video recorders for video recording and well as the video playback audio is fed to the sound system for dynamic playback of DVD sound tracks.

The video is crisp and the sound is outstanding!

Whether you need just one projector or a multi-screen system, we can custom design a package that will meet your objectives and price!

We install remote pan/tilt/zoom cameras, remote displays as well.

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Prospect United Methodist  
· 4 - Independent screens, two up front and two rear
· Any screen can have a different picture or any combination of 4 sources
· 9 video input digital processing / scaling of any video input source
· Picture within picture feature - ideal for displaying numerical pagers
· Play images from a USB card - no pc needed - ideal for pre-service messages

· 4 x 4 Matrix controller
· Wifi IPAD, IPHONE access to controls
· Connection for PC/IPAD in video booth, pulpit, and music directors location
· 4 - Hitachi commercial pro grade projectors on a network
· Clean projector installations
· Wiring is concealed in pipe
· High quality Triplitte surge protection system on all equipment
· Hum bars / ground loops eliminated
· Safety cables installed on projectors to prevent accidental falling*
* You would be surprised how many projectors are hanging unsecured!