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A general walk through, "take a look at what you have" and where you want to go to give you a ball park estimate to help you determine the feasibility of a purchase.   • General Estimate
• An opportunity to have your techs   ask questions from a real system   designer - not a "salesman"
• No proposal / design
• FREE quote within 100 miles
  of Fayetteville, NC

This service is to help you get some idea of a what a new system, upgrade, re-work, etc. can cost. Its not a "hard number" - a specific proposal. Its an estimate. Generally several things will be covered:

• A general acoustic assessment of your space
• The seating areas to be covered
• An inventory of your existing equipment is taken that could be re-purposed
• A discussion the issues you want to solve
• The features you would like to have
• The abilities of your sound techs or the need to have them
• The location of the control booth / sound booth / sound room
• Your vision of where you want to be in 10 years to plan room for the system to expand as you grow
• A chance to ask a real sound system designer questions about sound you can count on


I will teach you in just a few minutes how to use your own ears to test the quality of a system. Once you hear it, the right way to design a system will be dead obvious. This lesson alone will be worth your time!

I will give you a general estimate - a range of what you can expect to spend to achieve a guaranteed result. You will receive a written summary with my estimation and recommendations free of charge.

If the estimate falls within your budget, then we can proceed to the next step of in depth acoustic measurements, etc. to design a system that you will be thrilled with. If not, at least you have real world target to shoot for and learned a ton in the process.

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