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We will do everything possible to make sure you have an outstanding buying experience from beginning to end!

We do what we say, when we say, and how we say we are going to do it. Call us old fashioned, but it works.

You will find friendly folks easy to work with that really wants to help you get the best sound, video, or other service possible.

We clean up after ourselves.

We put down tarps to protect your stuff.

We arrive on time and with the price we agreed to. No funny business, add on's, or surprises latter unless its something completely unforeseen.

To help streamline things, we have a few policies in place to help us all, learned from the school of "hard knocks" over the years.

Swansboro UMC work begins

Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you call us for a proposal, we are happy to take a few hours to review your situation but we simply cannot spend days working on a design only to have it put out to bid by others. If our design is used for install by another party we will pursue consulting fees / compensation.When you get any quote from us, it will automatically come with a serial number and a Non-Compete Non- Disclosure Agreement that will be enforced if you accept our proposal or quote for consideration. The statement reads:

Non Compete – Non Disclosure Agreement

Unfortunately some in the past have made it necessary for us to establish business policies concerning free estimates, quotes, and proposals. We want to make it convenient to provide these services but we are not in the free “design for bid by others” business. If you want a spec for bid by others, we will be glad to provide that service for design / engineering / consulting fees and those fees will apply to a system purchase from Cathedral Sound. Our system designs / quotes / documents belong to us unless agreements are made otherwise.

Cathedral Sound and Light, Inc respectfully requests that you, your organization, and it’s representatives be aware of the following:

All “quotes, drawings, proposals, design ideas, design concepts, and documents [forward known as said items]” presented and received by your organization from Cathedral Sound and Light, Inc. and Ellis Guy, are the property of Cathedral Sound and Light, Inc. and Ellis Guy unless otherwise specified. Said items are strictly for review by you and your organization and are not to be distributed in any manner including printing, copying, imaging of any kind, nor speaking about said items content, to other bidders, vendors, contractors, or other competing business interests on this project unless by written permission. If our quote or proposal is not accepted, said items are to be returned immediately and complete. It is a violation of copyright laws and this non-disclosure / non-compete agreement if said items are distributed and used by others for bid in any manner.

If our quotes, drawings, proposals, design ideas, design concepts, and documents are given or used to another bidding interest on this project as a basis for bid or design, compensation for consulting and design for the value of $1200 will be billed.

By accepting this document you and your organization are bound by this agreement.

Serial Number _________________________ Received By:_________________________Date: _________________________

Its embarrassing to have to have documents like this, but its the world we live in.

General Terms of Sale

The general terms are below but any reasonable payment schedule is fine.

1/3 rd deposit and written agreement to begin work on your project and order the equipment, 1/3 when physical installation begins on your job site, and 1/3 when installation is functional and you have first use. Final payment is due when system is operational and equipment inventory is complete. Operator training is not included in first use nor equipment inventory.

Price Quote Policy as it appears on our proposals / quote sheets

This quote represents a good faith estimate of the projected parts, labor, and other materials to complete this installation based upon the following: 1) all currently known specifics of your project, 2) is representative of similar projects of this type from years of experience, 3) quoted to provide the features requested, 4) includes installation techniques to provide years of trouble free service and safe operation, 5) meet building, fire, electrical, and safety codes, 5) to provide quality equipment and services. The quote reflects far more than just a list of equipment.

This quote can or may change depending upon any of the following conditions: 1) new features are requested not included in this quote, 2) the manufacturer has discontinued the item quoted and a substitute is required, 3) equipment was accidentally omitted from the quote with a value over $100 that is a core component to prevent proper operation of the system. Any alterations will be mutually agreed upon between buyer and Cathedral Sound.


The Paper Work

• A contractual aggreement and deposit is required to initiate an installation
• Typical terms are 1/3 deposit, the next third when installation physically begins, and the last third on completion.
• Cathedral Sound and Light, Inc. will not sign a contract with a third party such as a builder on a new project.
• We will only enter an aggreement with the owner of the facility.