Why do so many sound systems fail at the most basic, needed, and critical functions!

  • Overcome ambient noise - get loud
  • Provide enough general features
  • Even sound coverage
  • You can understand every word spoken or sung regardless of where you sit
  • The sound is consistent service to service
  • The sound is natural - vocals are warm, music is dynamic
  • The system can easily be turned up before feedback occurs when you need to pick up large groups like choirs
  • The overall mix is well blended between vocals and live music



The reason is simple . . . too many
sound systems arent "designed" at all!

Often the equipment list is chosen based on price, brand familiarity, "what sounds good", what looks good, etc. Whats missing here?

Where is the MEASURE of how that equipment list is going to sound in your acoustic space? How would you measure such a thing? How can you measure sound quality? What standard would you use so its not a subjective opinion? We need a reference.

We rely on hearing clearly consonant sounds in the English language to differentiate the words "being" from "bean". They sound very similar. If the sound system can distribute the frequency band that consonant sounds rely on evenly over the seating area, your audience will enjoy a premium listening experience. That frequency band is centered around 2Khz. All we need to do is measure how well your sound system or the proposed sound system will cover your seating areas with the 2Khz band. This is not a subjective thing. It is measurable and absolute. The ONLY component in the entire list of equipment responsible for covering your audience with sound is the speaker system! Thats where you need to focus your attention.

The Articulation Test Explained - Total Time 4:51








As new clients are catching on to what I am teaching it is raising the standards of other sound contractors because now buyers are smarter! The bar has been set to where it should have been all along - to give you crystal clear sound at every seat. Learn how to get the sound you want not just a list of equipment. Untiil now, you had not way of knowing the difference.

What this one demonstration will teach you about sound engineering principles is priceless.

One client was overwhelmed. He said "This is the most valuable thing I have ever seen about sound! Now I get it". This one lesson will give you the tool you need to test the system after its installed too. All you need is your own ears and my test sound. Frankly, once you hear it, you wont really need any test sound but its easier when you are learning what to listen for.

No longer will you be in the dark looking at proposals and snowballed by the salesman’s hype. You will have an absolute foolproof method of evaluating your current system’s performance and any upgrade. Once your new stuff is installed you can do this same walk test and KNOW if its working as expected. You don't need any fancy equipment just knowledge and your own two ears. If the system is not working as expected you cant take the contractor to task over it and he will not be able to argue about it! Either the seating area is covered with an even clear sound field or its not. Period. You can do the walk test with the contractor and prove it.

In about 30 minutes you will learn the “secret” to great sound. Its not really a secret as it is most folks just don't know about it, including too many “sound contractors” that should.

I’ll explain in about 15 minutes and in simple terms how our ears work and the basics of clear speech. Afterwards I’ll play a test sound either through your system or a small system I’ll bring to teach you what to listen for. We will walk around your sanctuary / seating areas and find out where clear speech is present. Once you hear it, you will never view a sound system the same way again. It will make perfect sense. You will instantly understand how your sound system is suppose to work.

I guarantee this will be most valuable 30 minutes about sound you'll ever spend!

This test is part of every FREE estimate or site visit. Contact us now and schedule an appointment!