The Technical Definition of "Good Sound"


OK, I’m going to give you the technical description of what you are looking for. You’ll understand more about this later, but here it is:

We want a sound system that can produce an even sound field of plus or minus 3 db centered at 2Khz over the listening area. The frequency response must be from at least 50hz to 10Khz at every seat. The articulation loss must not be more than 5%. The acoustic gain must be the maximum possible to allow us to turn up the choir mics, hear clearly and understand the words of the choir at the rear seats, without running into feedback. We want enough headroom to allow the dynamics of our drums, keyboards, bass guitar, soundtracks, and special effects to be felt without distortion, but not overbearing. The system should have enough latitude to allow our sound techs to operate the system without being on the verge of feedback or running out of headroom.

That is the technical definition of good sound. Ask for that and watch what happens!

The ARTICULATION COVERAGE TEST© is designed to show you how to KNOW the sound you're looking for!

The person that chose the equipment that you see on a proposal has determined the fate of the quality or type of sound that you will hear. Know the qualifications of that person. Do they have real world experience of mixing sound or do they sit behind computers spitting out proposals the salesman brings in. You need to know. How many of these companies would be willing to have their designer sit behind your console on Sunday morning and mix sound so you can get a feel of their abilities? I will. I’ll do it anytime you want. I know what you want to hear.

Think about this. The person that is choosing the equipment could be on your sound committee. Think about it. You get three proposals. A sound committee is looking at these trying to pick the best one. How are they going to decide? If they decide based on brand familiarity, they by default have selected the type of sound you are going to have. They have made a purchasing decision based on brand that has absolutely nothing to do with getting the desired results.

If you really want to work with a specific contractor for whatever reason, maybe its more practical to have a contractor closer to you to install the system, let me be part of your sound committee as consultant. I can help you get exactly what you want.


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