Why is buying the right sound system so hard to get right? It seems to be a toss of the coin!



Sound is a conundrum for a lot of people. It seems regardless of how much money you spend or what expert is called, you still struggle with sound problems service after service, production after production. You begin to live with it and even accept it as normal. Well, it’s not normal and it shouldn’t be this way. Professional theatres and convention centers won’t put up with it because they know how important sound is to their success. People aren’t coming to see the building, they are coming to hear something, to learn, to be inspired. Aren’t your messages and productions just as important as a business seminar or sports event?

You are about to learn the correct way to think about sound, not only how important it is, but how to understand the difference between what you think you are buying and what you did buy. The thought process of buying a sound system is flawed from the beginning because the layperson does not approach the purchase like a theatre or a convention center will. Getting a better understanding of what you are up against and the correct way to think through a purchase, upgrade, or consultant’s analysis is the key to great sound. You are about to learn the secrets, myths, and facts of sound and sound systems. Once you understand the problems, the solutions are easy to see.




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