Problem – Hum, hiss, buzz, noise in the sound system

These problems are usually installation errors. Most equipment these days, even the cheap stuff, sounds pretty good. Though there are exceptions, electrical noise is generally caused by wiring errors, improper grounding, improper interfacing between components, etc.

One very common problem is dimmer noise. A buzz is heard in the system and can be varied by adjusting the light dimmers. This is caused when the dimmers and the sound system are wired on the same phase leg, a ground loop between two breaker panels, or ground loops between the mixer electronics and remote amplifiers. It can be a combination of all.

There is really not much you can do on your own to remedy this as it requires in depth troubleshooting. Contact me and we’ll take care of it. Just know the problem is most likely not a sound equipment issue nor caused by a “cheap brand” but rather poor installation.


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