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Ellis Guy

Are we the right fit for you?

The philosophy / mindset in the creation of Cathedral Sound is to help you grow your organization by helping you choose the best fit media tools to achieve a guaranteed result.

In short, my job is to help you succeed!

The Enormous Advantages of Being the "Old" Sound Guy!

How We Work and Policies

Do you fit into this category?:


  • You are sick and tired of sound problems
  • You have already been through several upgrades with little or no improvement in sound
  • You have spent thousands and still cant get the sound you want let alone consistent sound
  • Your sound / media is a bottle neck thats holding back your best efforts to present your message in music, drama, teaching and you know it
  • Every "expert" you call in never seems to understand what you need. They are all about selling you something, not solving your problem
  • The salesman can't give you any proof that his solution will work before you buy it other than, "We're the best, its the best name brand, the best 'value add' whatever the heck that means, the lowest price, the best blah, blah, blah...."

While we have extremely competitive pricing and sourcing on practically every brand, we are not a deep discount supply house. If you are shopping by price, I can save us both time. I do not "bid" a project. I dont compete on price. If you are shopping by name brands or an equipment list, there are hundreds of web sites that will be glad to help you.

If you have been down the road above, you have found the person that can solve your sound issues once and for all. I design and deliver a comprehensive solution from fitting the sound system to your acoustics, application, and style of worship if thats applicable in your case, to the training of your technical staff that will directly influence the success of your results.

Realize that the holistic design and implementation of your system is driven by the results you want to obtain. The quote / proposal will be a culmination of everything it will take to get those results. Think of it this way . . .

If you need 50 tons of cooling to cool your sanctuary, its going to take 50 tons regardless of how full your seats are. Whether you have a 100 people sitting in a 500 seat space, or its full, its still going to take 50 tons of cooling. You cant come at it with the mindset of "we are willing to put $10,000 in a cooling system" and hope for the best. It wont work. If that 50 tons costs $90,000, thats what its going to cost to keep your folks in a nice cool space to enjoy your services. You cant buy cooling by name brands nor the lowest price UNTIL you know how much cooling you're going to need. But if you need 50 tons, the best 25 ton or cheapest air conditioning system wont get the job done regardless of the bargain you think you got, how much you're willing to spend, or what you think it "should" cost.

The same is true with sound. The reason sound systems keep getting upgraded and replaced is because no one has ever understood what you really needed in the first place. So you keep buying "stuff" but the wrong stuff. Great name brands at bargain prices is worthless without the correct system design. The correct design is the key. The brand of equipment we use to get those results is practically irrelevant! If you know you need a 1/4" nut do you really care if it comes from Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware? If I know you need a speaker system with a directivity index of 18 db with a specific coverage area, whether its a JBL, Electrovoice, or Community version just doesnt matter. All of them are good brands.

A real issue with sound is that it is highly subjective. More about "What is good sound..... But how much sound do you need? In keeping with the air conditioning metaphor, do you need 10, 20, or 50 "tons"? How do you know? Our ARTICTULATION AND COVERAGE TEST© will put you squarely in the ball park.

The point is our design will likely be in the upper range of any quote you will receive because we are going for a guaranteed solution. Buy it right, buy it once, and enjoy it for years. One of our clients bought a system 7 times before we got it right! Seven times! Imagine the thousands wasted let alone the years of frustration.

The first step is for us to meet to see if we are the right fit for what you want to accomplish and is the purpose of the FREE estimate. Lets schedule a time to let me show you the key piece so many people miss with a live test using your own ears. Once you hear it, the reason you've had so many problems over the years will be dead obvious. Its so simple, so common sense, you wont believe it. Contact us now . . .