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A real world system design engineer / specialist (NOT a salesman*) will meet with your staff to assess the desired features you want and need, issues you want to solve, and the long term vision of your organization. Attend a service, meeting, or rehearsal to actually understand the issues you want to address.

(* You dont need to be "sold" something! You need a real world professional with years of sound mixing and acoustic knowledge to observe your situation and design an effective solution!)
• Written proposal
• Optional DVD presentation
• Live demonstration
• No mail in proposals
• Sound Tech Training Required / Included
• Non-Compete Disclosure Required
• Design copyright retained
• Design fees may apply
• Any up front fees apply to purchase

Before a proposal or quote can be presented a system must be designed to acoustically fit the space the system will be used, give you the features you want, give you the sound you want, and will give your organization years of enjoyment. The design process takes hours to days to properly complete and a skilled system designer with years of experience to know how to choose the products that are a best fit. Our proposal is not just a list of equipment. Its the end result of a deliberate design to give you a guaranteed expected outcome. Once the design is known and the products chosen only then can the installation costs be determined.

A design - build is really what most sound contractors deliver when a quote is requested. The question is how was that design created? Is it a list of "stuff we have in stock right now", "Our favorite way of doing things", plus - who designed it? Was the designer a band member, equipment salesman, hobbyist, some unknown person in the background you never get to see? The design is key. Its crucial you understand the mindset of the person that came up with the equipment list and the overall design concept.

Because of the time commitment and resources required to provide you a proposal, we respectfully ask you to be aware of the following policies:

• You must have a sincere desire to invest the time and effort in getting the best sound for your investment
• We have already provided a FREE general estimate of the expected cost and it fits within your budget
• Design fees may apply depending upon the size of the project that will be applied to the purchase
• A Non-Complete Non-Disclosure Agreement is required before the design begins
• The proposed system will be presented live before your committee or buyer
• Your buyer or committee must be present during the ARTICULATION COVERAGE© test

As you can see we are serious about our approach and commitment to working with people wanting to grow their organizations. We do not bid on price. That is not who we are nor what we do.

We deliver a guaranteed result. The acoustics, the seating layout, the type of application, the features you want and need, the quality expected, and years of service drive the design and ultimately the cost.