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Premium systems are for those with intensive music / performing arts applications. The design process has more emphasis on music clarity, dynamics. These systems will have multiple mixing surfaces and monitoring systems. Sound tech training is intensive and is required. Sound techs are tested for the ability to hear music dynamics and tonality. You do not need to be a "megachurch" for instance to want or need a Premium system. It only depends upon how intensely you want to focus on the best sound possible. We essentially become part of your staff weeks after the install to fine tune, train, and even mix events for you.   • Written proposal
• Optional DVD presentation
• Live demonstration
• No mail in proposals
• Non-Compete Disclosure Required
• Design copyright retained
• Design fees will apply
• Any up front fees apply to purchase
• Sound tech testing required
• Sound tech training required
• In depth acoustic testing required
• Working with your music dept for an   extended period of time required

Premium systems are for any size church or venue. Its not the number of seats thats important - its mostly about the music. If you have live praise and worship with 8 singers, a dummer, bass, keys, guitar, horn section, strings, a crunching B3, and want to move an audience with dynamic emotional sound, this what we do best. Again, we have many clients that seat 500 using premium level features. Neither do you need the most sophisticated equipment on the market though you will need the right tools for the job, the magic here is in hearing the mix. This is why I spend so much time with your staff.

At this level of performance, your sound techs MUST have good hearing, know how to feel music moving, and can anticipate where the musicians are headed within the next measure of music and be there ahead of them in the mix. Mixing sound is pure art. And it is the most difficult thing to teach. You must have sound techs at the level of understanding music dynamics before we even start. I will test your sound techs to find that out.

A mixing training module is included and required in a Premium system that will last a minimum of 30 hours spaced over several live performances.

Design fees will apply but will be applied to the purchase.

After the FREE estimate prelimaries, I will attend a service and maybe mix myself on your existing system to get a feel of how your musicians play and interact with the house mix. I need to get a feel of the venue and existing sound to design in features you'll need.